Brückner & Everling - Sparrows

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syngate-luna CD-R MBDE01
released 2014

Brueckner & Everling is the cooperation between Michael Brueckner and Detlev Everling. Brueckner is well known for his big number of ambient albums, he released since more than 20 years. Detlev Everling is a professional musician playing French Horn mainly in an orchestra, but as well in different projects. In this cooperation french horn as an analog sound as well as a processed and edited sound is a very interesting and rare combination with the synths and effects of Michael Brueckner. Additionally female vocals in two tracks give this album another unique character.

Some opinions about this album:

"If you judge the book by its cover, this would look like just another New Age music album. Far from it. What one can hear on “Sparrows” is great experimental ambient. Never too dark, but never too sweet, either."

- review / interview in Synth Caresses webzine -


"SUPERBE, j'aime beaucoup !!! C'est doux et planant !!!"

- an enthusiastic French listener, comment on FB  -


"A great album, compliments to the musicians!" (a listener from Hamburg)


"Ein gelungenes (...) Album von Detlev Everling und Michael Brückner. (...) Mit spielerischer Leichtigkeit wechseln die beiden Musiker zwischen ambienter Orchestrierung, ethnischer Weltmusik und chilligen Szenerien, und schaffen doch ein in sich stimmiges Werk. In den abwechslungsreichen Stücken erkennt man Experimentierfreudigkeit ebenso wie den Hang zur harmonischen Komposition."

- review by Stefan Schulz for EMpulsiv webzine -


Sylvain Lupari: 

Quietly, Michael Bruckner is building a very enviable reputation in the circles of an EM of a more progressive kind. His last find is a rather eclectic collaboration with Detlev Everling, a player of French horn and a synthesist who also likes using plug-ins that sound just like his wind instrument. And the result is rather surprising. Even if “Sparrows” appears on the rather ambiospherical division of the SynGate label (Luna), the Brückner/Everling duet, with the complicity of Cäcilia Brückner on voices, offers an album which caresses all the spheres of a modern EM with a lively music, sometimes very near the IDM and electronica with just what it needs of ambiences to draw some fascinating cinematographic faces. A surprising sonic journey that will leave you more than perplex. Read more 



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