Michael Brückner - The Undercurrent

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SynGate CD-R MB07
released 2019

MB about his album: The music of "The Undercurrent" (mostly recorded in 2016 and partly included in some compilations released back then) reflects my feelings about a lot of things going on in the world on the social, political and ecological level right now and tells a tale of contrasts between sinister tendencies and bright hopes, between decay and growths and between stagnation and evolution. 

The downloadversion of this album contains three additional bonustracks. Every Download available as 24Bit, purchased CDs will be provided with an additional downloadcode (including the bonustracks)

composed, performed and produced by 
Michael Brückner, 2019 

Coverlayout by Michael Brückner 

Marketed by 
CabGuy* Music Production 

A SynGate CD-R(elease) 
SynGate 2019 

(*CabGuy is Kilian Schloemp) 

The Undercurrent at Bandcamp


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