Johan Tronestam - Arthur went above the clouds

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SynGate CD-R JT04

The album "Arthur went above the clouds" has been a magical journey and conceptually been formed by Arthur C. Clark's amazing books and vision of the future. Clarke has also been a great assistance in the development of technology for space missions.

This album contains 9 tracks that were selected out of 20 tracks created for the project, so the album might get a sequel

This album was created in Lemland / Åland 2013- 2016 Composed, performed and mastered by Johan Tronestam in the TeamQuasar studio. Produced by Johan Tronestam 2015

The album is dedicated to Johan Tronestams beloved Father who suddenly had to leave this earth in March 2016 - he was a dreamer and full of ideas.

And to the author Arthur C. Clarke


bandcamp_130x27_blue Digital download album available via Bandcamp as well

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