Johan Tronestam - The Long Journey

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SynGate CD-R JT03

Johan Tronestam introduces his third label album under the title "The Long Journey". In his own words he sais: 

This album has been a work in progress for many years. I started working with the first track in 2008.
"The long journey" is influenced by the astronomer and author Peter Nilson (1937-1998), and by Harry Martinson´s space poem "Aniara".

”The long journey” reflects a future where man has developed the possibility to travel to other stars. But not without misstakes. The journey becomes much longer than it was supposed to. Harry Martinson´s book Aniara ends in tragedy, with a broken spaceship out into the eternity without the ability to slow down. "The long journey" is not a one-way ticket, these passengers will see the starting point of the journey again .
I dedicate this album to my mother who suddenly had to leave this earth in January 2016 - Thank you for everything.

Johan Tronestam 

bandcamp_130x27_blue Digital download album available via Bandcamp as well

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