E=motion - Infinite Motion

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SynGate CD-R JS03
released 2003, HQ-re-release 2017

Jacek Spruch aka E=motion released 2003 his debut album "Infinite Motions" with SynGate Records, a great electronic composition of rhythm and melody, partly dancable.
After the artist dies unexpected and far too early in 2013, this album is a kind of legacy, the "infinite motion" will keep moving and remind to "E=Motion" as long, as hid music is going on to be heard. 

SynGate takes part in this legacy in re-releasing this album in a new high-quality appearance of a digital print booklet and a glossy disc.

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Review from 2003 (Sequences):

The 8 tracks are presented as one continuous whole &, although this does mean it's easy to lose track of where you've got to it does have the advantage of meaning that the album can be listened to as a complete suite in it's own right rather than a collection of tracks (doesn't help us reviewers much, though!!). 

Although the opening moments of "Hesitation" might lead you to believe you've got a retro album on your hands this is soon banished as the rhythmic elements begin to make their mark which makes for a more structured feel before becoming more up-tempo with some slight trance influences in places that are not unlike many of Keller & Schonwalder's more up-tempo works, as proved most explicitely by the lively & catchy "Circular Movement". Although there are some quieter, more melodic moments with the accoustic drums used in places adding an earthy, sometimes slightly rough mood, although one compact but powerful section relies heavily on thunderous drums, a solid sequential base not unlike Century's End (if you can remember back that far!) & superbly embellished melodies for a track that will rock your house to it's foundations!. This powerful approach pays repeated dividends as Spruch builds up some powerful maelstroms of sound, the closing "Beyond The History" in particular building up an unbelievable head of steam via some scorching sequences & red-hot solos that breathe live & vitality into the music & make for a thunderous climax. 

I was expecting something good from this album but it passed my wildest expectations. Jacek Spruch proves to be a master of his craft with this superb album & I look forward to many more releases like it in the future. 

2003. Carl Jenkinson / Sequences

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