Stockman - Part of the Industry

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syngate luna gs07
released 2014
Anyone who is familiar with Stockman, may possibly be surprised about this album, as it is fresh, fast, danceable and full of energy. But anyway it still is recognizeable Stockman style, as the composition was done on the background of many years of experience in the development of Stockman.

Rather more elekro but electronic, partly danceable but as well with elements of Ambient this album is something for body and spirit.
Review by Dave Law (MusicZeit): 
Still staying on the Syngate label we get another one of their signature artists, Stockman. We are again in sequencer driven territory bur this time with shorter tuneful tracks. ‘Part of the Industry’ is an incredibly powerful album containing both bludgeoning rhythms as well as sequences. Even the backing often has a growl to it. Yet on many of the tracks the hooks are so infectious they are bound to get your whole body moving. Every track is superb and very accessible. It should have very wide appeal. Anyone except those with the very narrowest tastes in Electronic Music should really go for it. Take Tangerine Dream, Pyramid Peak, Kraftwerk and Jarre, blend them together with a little TNT and this is what it would sound like. I played it three times in a row on first listen. Highly recommended.
This album is available as a Bandcamp download as well. (WAV, MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC).
Some tracks can be listened to in full length (128Kb/s-Stream)
This album is available as a MusicZeit download (MP3 320 Kb/s and FLAC).
Any track can be prelistened from 2-min clips. 

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