Fratoroler - Nano

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SynGate CD-R FR04
released 2014
Fratorolers 4th album comes with 4 longtracks that take the smallest things as a topic to build relaxed and floating melodies with developing rythm and sequences. An album to take a rest and listen to.
Anyone who was lucky enough to join the 20 years Manikin jubilee at the Zeiss Planetary in Berlin at the 27th of September knows very well, what this music was like to charm the mood.
Review by Dave Law (MusicZeit): Fratoroler is one of my favourite bands on one of my favourite labels (Syngate). Their brand of Sequencer based, melodic Berlin School music is simply irresistible. ‘Nano’ is their fourth album on Music Zeit. Right from the steady paced meditative title track it becomes obvious that this is a real cracker. ‘Quarks’ cranks up the pace as those sequences rumble forward, waves of energy surging to increase the excitement still further. Lovely bass pulsations give ‘Macrozoom’ a real brooding attitude. It has a lovely mid 70s feel to it. All four tracks on the album are fairly long (though not quite as epic in length as some of the Phrozenlight ones). ‘Systemic Different’ is the second longest at almost twenty minutes. It provides a great finish, high register sequences really hitting the spot.
This album is available as a Bandcamp download as well. (WAV, MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC).
Some tracks can be listened to in full length (128Kb/s-Stream)
This album is available as a MusicZeit download (MP3 320 Kb/s and FLAC).
Any track can be prelistened from 2-min clips. 

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