Fratoroler - Chez Ricco

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SynGate CD-R FR03
released 2013

With the new album from Thomas Köhler and Frank Rothe you get, what you can expect - and a little more. They wanted to "Look forward" and they did. One track with a more complex arrangement, a track in Berlin school style at his best, some sounds maybe coming thru a prisma and an energetic final, this is how the artists see their own album. Me as the publisher can highly recommend this creation as a laid back journey for more than an hour through epic soundscapes and chilling sequences.


Review by Dave Law (MusicZeit)

I have raved about Fratoroler in the past and with ‘Chez Ricco’ they have come up with yet another sequencer drenched stunner. The rumbling pulsation on the title track are particularly impressive but then again just listen to ‘Violet Hour’- another real cracker. Most of the tracks are just under the twenty minute mark and go through some lovely transitions during each journey. If you are into 70s style Berlin School you really must give this a listen. If you already have Fratoroler’s previous two albums (also available on Music Zeit) I am sure you will not have to read any review before going for this new one but if you are new to them I would recommend you get all three!



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