Fringo Chills - the nature

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syngate luna CD-R FC02
released 2018

Fringo Chills is the solo ambient project by Frank Rothe, Berlin 

Frank Rothe about his project: "My passion is the old "Berlin-School-style" (listen to "Fratoroler" and "Filter-Kaffee") but sometimes I like to hear long evolving rhythms and epic soundscapes. 

To chill and relax is important for body, mind and soul and where to do this better, but in the nature. 
Music is a reflection of those experiences

Thanks to Mario, Det, Bas and Thomas from the "Manikin-Family", 
to my wife Angela for sharing the love of nature with me 
and Kilian for support. 

Photographs by Angela Rothe 

Coverdesign by CabGuy* 
(*Kilian Schloemp) 

A syngate-luna release 


" the nature" at Bandcamp

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