Divided by Two - Electromagnetism

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Syngate luna DT03
released 2020

Divided by Two is an ambient project by Italian artist Gabriele Quirici (aka Perceptual Defence) and Belgian artist Danny Budts (aka Syndromeda) 

Electromagnetism invites you to a trip into electrical circuits. Fraught with tension, eruptive, effective on all frequencies. An ambient album to dive and resonate into the deep. From slow and low frequencies up to high voltage and electromagnetic disturbances. 

Feedback from David B. (France):
"...what an album ! More abstract, perhaps, than the two preceding ones, charged with more tension, with truly stunning sound iridescence, it made me feel like a tightening of the way of this duo decidedly quick to thwart expectations ( for the greatest pleasure of the listener !). 

Superb third stone on the building of great artistic requirement that is patiently constructed. And the photo chosen for the cover is just perfect, once again ! It seems to translate visually all the stake of this disc : crystalline structures traversed by electro-static currents, long sound encasements leading to vast desolate lands or, on the contrary, vibrating with soft iridescence ...  A magnificent sound journey. 

Thank you, Divided by Two and Syngate, for this new beautiful artistic adventure."


bandcamp_130x27_blue Album as well available as a digital 24 Bit download from Bandcamp

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