Divided by Two - The Legend

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Syngate luna DT01
released 2018

Divided by Two is an ambient project by Italian artist Gabriele Quirici (aka Perceptual Defence) and Belgian artist Danny Budts (aka Syndromeda) 

"The Legend" is the story about Silvius Brabo who was a mythical Roman soldier who is said to have killed a giant, and by this would have created the name Brabant. 

Later this story was also used to explain the name Antwerp (meaning hand throwing). Brabo once killed a giant, called Druon Antigoon, who asked money from people who wanted to pass the bridge over the river Scheldt. When they didn't want to or couldn't pay, he cut off their hand and threw it in the river. Because of this, Brabo also removed the hand of the giant, and threw it into the river. (Wikipedia)

bandcamp_130x27_blue Album as well available as a digital download from Bandcamp

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