Tastenklang - Polyphony

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SynGate CD-R DG02
released 2017

More than four years have passed by since Tastenklangs first album saw the light of the day and now we face his second composition, an album of 14 tracks offering relaxed, well tempered, melodic and spirited pieces. The artist, who already has proven with his first album "Inspirations" to bring a smile in the face with easing sounds of chill has taken a development. Each of the 14 tracks between 3 and 6 minutes tells a little self-contained story but melts to a complete unit like an orange in a fruitbasket is delicious itself but involves all senses as part of the overall appearance. "Polyphony" is an album of great diversity. 

Polyphony at Bandcamp


All music composed, arranged, played, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Tastenklang 

„Polyphony“ was created with: 

Waldorf Blofeld / Yamaha PSR730 / Omnisphere vst / Korg m3 / Korg Radias 

more about Tastenklang: 


Coverlayout by CabGuy* (*Kilian Schloemp) 

A SynGate Wave release 2017 
CabGuy* Music Production

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