Tastenklang - Inspirations

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SynGate CD-R DG01
released 2013

"Inspirations" is Tastenklangs debut album. Its danceable uptempo electronic as well as downtempo relaxed rhythmic melodies, partly in a kind of innovated Jarre sounds, but developing an own character

Review by Dave Law (MusicZeit):
‘Inspirations’ by TastenKlang is on the Syngate label so straight away you know it will be worth trying out. It is very easy to get on with, with slight Jarre leanings. There is certainly a nod to the Berlin school with excellent melodic sequences throughout. Some of the tracks are high energy affairs that will get the whole body moving where as others are more chilled out chuggers that will imbed themselves in your mind, taking you on journeys of discovery. It is the sort of album that you could play to someone new to electronic music with a decent chance of them liking it but at the same time it has great appeal even for a wizened veteran fan like myself. There is even a slight ‘Magic Fly’ by Space feel to it in places. An extremely impressive debut album that I would recommend to everyone. More please!


A detailed review by Sylvain Lupari (Synth&Sequences) can be read here




http://www.musiczeit.com/directory.php?artist=1850 Download is also available

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