Thaneco & DASK - Elemental

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SynGate CD-R DASKT01
released 2018

Ancient philosophy suggested sets of classical elements to explain observations in nature. This concept of elements as a substance has developed through three major phases, classical elements, chemical definitions and finally modern atomic definitions. 

Running Time : 70:29

Thanasis Oikonomopoulos (Thaneco) is a composer and piano tutor from Patras Greece 
DASK is an Audio Electronics Engineer from Manchester UK 

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Artwork : 
Cover: Computer Generated by DASK 
Disc: by Kevin O`Neill 

DASK projects: 

Coverlayout by CabGuy* 

Marketed by 
CabGuy* Music Production 

HQ-release by SynGate Records 2017

bandcamp_130x27_blue Digital download album available via Bandcamp as well

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