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SynGate CD-R DASK04

DASK was the first computer in Denmark. It is an acronym for Danish Arithmetic Sequence Calculator. 

The man behind DASK is an Electronics and Sound Engineer with a 
background in audio systems. He started to experiment with field 
recording, synths and sound manipulation over 10 years ago but 
always discarded his material until recently. 

"Insecta" is the fourth SynGate Records release from DASK.

The sound engeneer from Great Britain explores the question where all the insects have gone to. 7 Tracks are circling around the phenomenon. The sound is familiar to those, who already know DASK, to anyone being new to him, you can expect soothing electronic sounds rhythms and melodies, ambient atmospheres and a musical universe as varied, as the world of insects used to be. 

All pictures except inside from Pixabay:

Butterfly front: Ronny Overhate
Ladybug rear: skeeze
Dragonfly disc: Adina Voicu

Spider inner: CabGuy* Photo Art
*CabGuy Photo Art, Kilian Schloemp www.cabguy.de

See as well: dask.bandcamp.com 

bandcamp_130x27_blue Digital download album available via Bandcamp as well

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