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SynGate CD-R DASK03

DASK was the first computer in Denmark. It is an acronym for Danish Arithmetic Sequence Calculator. 

The man behind DASK is an Electronics and Sound Engineer with a 
background in audio systems. He started to experiment with field 
recording, synths and sound manipulation over 10 years ago but 
always discarded his material until recently. 

"Sol" is the third SynGate Records release from DASK.

Sol is the Latin name for the Sun. It is a main sequence star meaning that it is in the most stable part of its life converting hydrogen into helium. It is just over half way through its main life cycle and will remain stable for at least another five billion years. It has a mass 330,000 times of Earth and over 99% the total mass of our entire solar system. 

After about 8 billion years of fusing hydrogen into helium the core of the sun is not dense and hot enough to start fusing helium and remain stable so gravitation forces take over and it will exit its main sequence. The outer regions of the star will expand outwards over time as the Sun gradually transforms into a red giant engulfing the innermost planets. This is not the end of our star and it will live on for trillions of years as a white dwarf.

Running Time : 75:31 
Credits : Vocal Samples from National Geographic Swallowed by the Sun 
Artwork : Computer Generated by DASK 

See as well: dask.bandcamp.com 

bandcamp_130x27_blue Digital download album available via Bandcamp as well

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