Colin Rayment - Igneous

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SynGate CD-R CR06
released 2020

The concept behind the album relates to Igneous rock and the mysteries behind its formation. 
Having spent time with his kids during the summer exploring the Jurassic beach areas of Devon in the UK, these sometimes amazing formations became the inspiration behind this personal music to the artist.

Produced, composed and arranged by 
Colin Rayment © 2020 

Coverlayout by CabGuy* 
Photos by CabGuy* Photo Art

Marketed by 
CabGuy* Music Production 

A SynGate CD-R(elease) 
SynGate 2020 

(*CabGuy is Kilian Schloemp)

Igneous at Bandcamp

Review by Beata Pardela, El-Stacja, Poland:

"...Fantastic music, full of dynamics and unexpected turns. He can gently rock us, and in the next moment change the completely musical atmosphere into a musical adventure full of fast epic action into the land of our imagination. This music moves the listener deeply inviting him to his unique magical world :)..."

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