ADSR - Uno

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SynGate CD-R ADSR01
released 2020

A.D.S.R. are musicians, usually coloured dogs in the electronic music scene, who want to hide themselves in the background this time, anonymous musicians seems to be a trend at SynGate. 

A mbient D rones S earching R eality - 

is a musically project of nameless people and their sound generators.
All tracks are composed, arranged and played between March 2019 and July 2020
everywhere on earth.

The most important is the music, to find your own story, imagine our own pictures
and feel your own sensivities.

ADSR at Bandcamp



Beata Pardela from El Stacja Radio, Poland: 
"a great album with excellent ambient climates take us on a peculiar journey both beyond the limits of reality and into ourselves. I must admit that I haven't listened to such good music for a long time, which I highly recommend everyone to listen to. Huge applause for the artists!" 

David B., SynGate customer: 
“Uno”, by A.D.S.R.: I just listened to the album for the first time, and it really impressed me. Ghostly landscapes made up of melodic and sonorous snippets that patiently weave their web around the listener ... 
There is, it seems to me, an exceptional work on the timbres, the sounds, which do not resemble anything known, and gives a very singular tone to this ambient music of an infinite delicacy. There is something liquid and organic at the same time in these moving textures, these fleeting harmonic fragments which evoke more than they don't affirm a musical identity resolutely apart. A magnificent achievemen..."


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