Rudolf Heimann - Touch The Sky

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SynGate Distribution CD SMCD8305

released 1992 re-released 2017 remastered by Eroc

Rudolf Heimann looks back to a long musical career having been busy in various projects and various genres. When I get asked what his most amazing solo album is, my answer is quite prompt: *Touch The Sky* (from1992).
The melodic and harmonic tracks are easily accessible and are presented in an extraordinary sound, that you want to listen to it again and again. In comparison to Berlin School albums here you find punchy, optimistic titles, that are more rhythmic and sometimes include hints of rock music. But the album features also a lot of dreamy titles that enriches the varying structure of the album. Spheric Music appreciates having the artist convinced for the release of this jewel. This album becomes even more precious because it has been remastered by the well known producer *EROC* which makes it a real listening pleasure.
Bernd Kistenmacher (Musique Intemporelle) comment to the new release:
„A music that is not just trendy stuff. On the contrary, it is music that you can discover again and again at any time. Touch The Sky is a good example for such timeless music.“
This album has been out of stock for a very long time. Now you can get this remastered release including 2 bonus tracks.

01. Skywalker  4'23
02. Dragonflight 6'02
03. Fresh Air 4'02
04. Too Late To Turn 4'24
05. Brainflight 6'12
06. Heaven's Gate 6'24
07. Ain't Easy To Fly 6'05
08. Follow The Rainbow 6'39
09. View From A Hill 2'09
10. Dream Chip 4'21
11. Last Chance 5'10
12. Strange Delight 7'40
13. Midnight Drive 3'31
14. Chariots Of The Gods 5'08

R.Heimann Rudolf Heimann



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