Vanderson feat. Lambert - Sequenced Thoughts

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SynGate Distribution CD SMCD8101
released 2018

Vanderson returned to his sequencer based electronics for what he was admired for in the past. He already released various albums on several electronic labels like Syngate, Mellowjet and Generator. His recent Berlin School album on Spheric Music „Vandisphere“ received good reviews. This time he put more work into composing clever and ingenious sequences that are at the same time very captivating. This was a great inspiration for Lambert, who is also very much into sequences, to play upon Vanderson basics. Lambert, influenced by Tangerine Dream in the early 80s, added several sounds and melodies to make the 80s feeling complete (Tangerine Dream - Tangram / Pergamon). Vanderson found very good sounds to create deep and wide atmospheres as if somebody is admiring the astonishing cosmic space. Flowing sounds a la Planetary Unfoldings (Michael Stearns) lead into pulsating sequences. Maybe this is one of the most fully developed and sophisticated sequencer albums Vanderson ever released. It is a honour for Spheric Music to present this opus, featuring 4 long Berlin School tracks, on his label.

1.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 1 18:39
2.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 2 21:31
3.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 3 16:50
4.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 4 15:29

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