Triple S - Poles

Triple S - Poles

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SynGate Dist. CD PS06 [Pleasure Sound Music]
released 2011

Triple S is a music project that was found in 2011. Project members are Max Schiefele, Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbuechel. All of them see the task of focusing their audio production skills for creating a concept album. The title of the album is “Poles”. It was premiered during the Electric Movement Festival in October 2011.

The album describes experiences from the world of the poles. Parished coldness, storm, snow and ice are to be experienced by the music very tightly in a unique polar soundscape from icy winds up to icebergs breaking apart and plunging into the sea with a slam.

Both sound engineers Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbuechel care for an elaborated mastering and crystal clear sounds by different synthesizers and effect machines as well as the virtuous and emotional guitar parts of Max Schiefele, that give an emphasis on an atmospheric suspense.

(Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff 2011)

“Poles” is a concept album and describes spectacularly the world of the South- and North pole. A very calm album, but with some surprises – you will like it again…

(Max Schiefele 2001, translation K.Schloemp-Uelhoff)

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