EFSS - Tidal Shift

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SynGate Dist. CD ER04
released 2018


The 4 musicians Jörg Erren, Bert Fleißig, Jochen Schöttler and Christian Steffen share their love for modular synthesizers and this they exercise live and improvised extensively at this album. Frequently those musicians meet at Ouddorp (NL) to excercise a kind of spiritual musical retreat for a few days at the seaside. The result is an album, that reflects the relaxed mood of such a meeting at its best, analogue Berlin School at highest level with significant detectable joy of playing music.  

Flood [8:16]
Fate [7:09]
Movement [10:12]
Transit [7:04]
Tunnel [7:59]
Macroscopic [5:35]
Axis [8:06] 

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