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Brückner & Everling - Reiseziel Mond

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SynGate Wave CD-R MBDE02 (2CD)
released 2020

"Reiseziel Mond" is a reminiscence to the 50th anniversary of the first manned moonlanding. The studio album is based on a live event in the observatory of Rodewisch in Saxony near Dresde in Juli 2019. 
Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, was a Theremin player as well, so Detlev Everling used this instrument as a kind of obeisance to the astronaut. 

Musically you can expect a nice and balanced mix of melodic EM (sometimes with a Berlin School touch), ambient, and more contemporary chill-out, with some cinematic / neoclassical moments here and some experimental excursions there (much in the vein of their first album "Sparrows" released in 2014, but then again a bit differen, too...)

Review from Beata Pardela, El-Stacja, Poland: "A fantastic two-disc album that delighted me with its multidimensionality, great atmosphere and high level. It is a cosmic journey full of musical surprises, unexpected turns and painted with interwoven different musical styles that complement each other. A perfect trip into our imagination will relax the listener and reflect all the beauty of the cosmic adventure and the end of the journey on our Silver Globe. After this musical journey, nothing will be the same as before ... :)"

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