Rainbow Serpent - "Live@Liphook 2007"

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SynGate MRCD 7084
veröffentlicht 2010

  1. Tracklist:

    1. Le Vent dans la Plaine      09:37
    2. Twelve Celli      12:36
    3. Tangram     10:03
    4. Calais     04:35
    5. En Passant     19:20
    6. Memories     04:58
    7. Rückblenden     09:55

Total Time: 71:08



Gerd Wienekamp and Frank Specht team up once again in this strong live performance at Liphook from last year. “Le vent dans la plaine” gets the disc going in fits and starts, with assorted odd random noises, rather cool nonetheless. And it gets even better once the beat and sequencing arrives, the typical blend of modern and retro electronic music that this duo is known for. “Twelve Celli” drops it down a notch with strings and wordless female vocals lending a cinematic feel, courtesy of Thomas and Eva-Maria Kagermann respectively. The title “Tangram” immediately brings Tangerine Dream to mind, but the soft bell tones are more reminiscent of Klaus Schulze’s classic “Crystal Lake” from Mirage. Cool synths and sequencing follow. The disc is full of subtle electronic textures and atmospheres, particularly for a live set. The brief interlude “Calais” is an excellent example, with its gentle rhythms, electronics, and just the right touch of vocals from Ms. Kagermann. Of course, it is always a treat on Berlin school albums to hear epic tracks done right, and “En Passant is a 19-minute gem. Its gently percolating sequencing is vaguely analogous to another Schulze classic, “Totem,” but that is only a reference point. This is one cool, original take on retro. The last two tracks are just as good, one melodic and mellow, the other another retro affair with a thumping beat that will get your toes tapping. This is first rate, one of Rainbow Serpent’s best.

© 2008 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space


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