Detlef Keller - "Harmonic Steps"

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SynGate Vertrieb MRCD 7077
veröffentlicht 2005

CD 1: Electronic Steps   

  1. Electronic Step 1    7:34
  2. Electronic Step 2    11:17
  3. Electronic Step 3    11:47
  4. Electronic Step 4    09:38
  5. Electronic Step 5    23:08
  6. Electronic Step 6    10:17


CD 2: Piano Steps

  1. Piano Step 1    04:14
  2. Piano Step 2    04:50
  3. Piano Step 3    05:21
  4. Piano Step 4    06:27
  5. Piano Step 5    07:10
  6. Piano Step 6    09:20
  7. Piano Step 7    06:31
  8. Piano Step 8    09:56
  9. Piano Step 9    05:12
  10. Last Step         03:56

Detlef Keller is the second half of famous German dual Keller & Schonwalder. Harmonie Stegs is its 8th album solo. His last, Different Faces, that criticism judges very good, appeared in 2005. Harmonic Steps, a 2 CD set is based an Detlef Keller's own reflections. " One step after the other, that is how we are moving in life. The first step being the most difficult on"; can we read inside the artwork. There are 16 titles in Harmonie Stegs, and for Detlef Keller they are 16 steps which carry out to harmonious ways, harmony being a need for the German synthesist. 

First CD is entiled Electronic Step, an evocative title where we expect very electronic tracks, and our impressions are right on it. Electronic Step 1 is a hypnotic sequential swirl balance wich energetic percussions that strike with accuracy. Among cosmic sound effects, synths multiply melodious layers on dark and submassive chorus, giving an ectoplasm depth to a title wich multiple harmonious variations which are spread out over various levels. Step by step, this first Part grows rich by sequential hooking and harmonious passages, covered with melodious synth which is moulded on chords strings layers. The 2"d Part is purely tuneful. A silky title which spins around a circular motion with roll of percussions and a chime sequencer. This synthetic refrain whirls constantly in a Universe with multiple Impulses. Like a Bolero progressing among its collection of synthetic layers of multiple forms. A superb piece. 

Electronic Steg 3 is a solid track which uses synth pop sequences with hammering percussions in a New Order style. The piano adds a bit of hanging melody which is nothing compared to the remarkable fluty synth which floods us of marvellous harmonious Segments. Another powerful title, as they are many on this 2 cd set. Electronic Step 4 differs with a heavy movement. Synthetic layers and striations fuse of everywhere an a moderate tempo with the analog sound effects which recall us the cosmic side always nourished the Berlin School ambitions. Soft Floating synth animates the beginning of Electronic Step 5. A fabulous title which exploits all the depth and the knowledge of the Berlin School historic style, with ifs hypnotic rhythms at thousand savours which develop in an atmosphere to progressive Impulses. Synth is languorous and abounds of tortuous, honeyed solos which bang a sigh within the heart, so mach the intonations swarm of sensitivity. A 20 minutes piece of music quite elaborate which contains multiple melodious Segments that are repetitive, bat wich a Iight subtlety in the evolution. The last step of cd 1 presents the cosmic side of Berlin School. A slow sequence which moves on sober percussions and a long loop Impulse. Giving synths time to generate many solos an minimalist chords with rotation hypnotic harmonies.

Sylvain Lupari,