Sylvain Carel - Sunrise on Panipat

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SynGate CD-R SyCa01
veröffentlicht 2020

"Sunrise on Panipat" des Französischen Künstlers Sylvain Carel bringt orientalische Atmosphäre in symphonisch anmutende Klanglandschaften von Synthesizern, durchwoben von anregenden Sequenzen.

Beata Pardela (ElStacja, Poland): "extraordinary sensual sounds take us to the oriental world full of amazing music that will tear us away from reality. A perfect album that will appeal to even the most demanding listeners :)"

Coverwork by Sylvain Carel

Marketed by 
CabGuy* Music Production 

HQ-release by SynGate Records 2020

Coverlayout by Kilian Schloemp 
Marketed by CabGuy Music Production (K.Schloemp) 
A SynGate-Wave release

Sunrise on Panipat at Bandcamp

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