Syndromeda - Last Days On Earth

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SynGate Vertrieb CD SS06 [SinSyn]
veröffentlicht 2006

Twitters and half heard 'on the edge of a dream' vocal effects mix to give 'Ballad of Love and Mystery' a rather ominous atmospheric beginning. A brace of slow deep melancholy sequences combine together to emphasise these feelings further. Sedate melodic lead detail compliments it all wonderfully. One of the sequences develops a sort of Dr Who theme tune quality as the pace slowly starts to quicken. 'Breathy' melodies are added, taking things to even greater heights. This phase dies away in the eighth minute. We get a brief atmospheric pause before first one sequence sparks into life like electricity arcing over a gap and a second more melodic one joins it. As we progress things become increasingly moody and dripping with sadness, these feelings crafted through the creation of some wonderful lead lines. 'The Secret Life of A' growls into life on the back of some rather deep slow melodic tones. In the third minute a rhythm starts to form, gradually getting louder and louder and more dramatic all the time, contrasting wonderfully with a high register lead line which again sounds like arcing energy. Another lead replaces it, this time acting like shafts of bright light. Yet more melodies come in one after another as we belt along in almost Jim Kirkwood 'into battle' mode. Things morph this way and that as we gradually start to wind down to gentle atmospherics out of which a lovely delicate, beautiful, mournful melody appears like mist rising from a lake. As with the proceeding tracks the start of 'The Sense' is also full of dark foreboding. An almost electronic / mechanical deep pulse starts up, soon accompanied by a playful jaunty sequence that contrasts the pulse and underlying pads superbly. This then momentarily disappears and is replaced by mournful mellotron, only to make a triumphant return full of added oomph. The lead line is laser sharp, flashing above the gradually mutating sequence as we come to an explosive finish. 'Too Hot in Hell' begins with suitably demonic noises, as if spewing from the very Underworld. These depart to be replaced by an energetic no nonsense sequence. It meanders for a while until joined by the main feature of the track, some excellent moody slow melodic pads. So, another fine album from Syndromeda. Just as powerful as most of his previous CDs but with a bit of a darker twist. (DL)

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