Bertrand Loreau - Nostalgic Steps

Bertrand Loreau - Nostalgic Steps

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Spheric Music SMCD 6301
veröffentlicht 2013

New music from Bertrand Loreau!
We congratulate Bertrand for "Journey Through The Past", his successful
debut on Spheric Music, which old recordings go back to the style of the
early 80s. To the opposite "Nostalgic Steps" is a brand new album with
new compositions in good sound quality, that put weight on the Berlin
School of the late 70s.
One realizes that Bertrand has developed his sequencer style of the 80s
further and reaches more and more the depth of traditional Berlin School
The sounds aren't overloaded, on the contrary, Bertrand loves to leave
sounds and melodies a little bit simple, to enable the music to reveal
its charme (like you know it from "Stratos Fear" for example).
Especially the sequences sound like a hommage to the good old days, of
the music from Tangerine Dream, Schulze, Baumann and Edgar Froese of the
mid/late 70s:
Excellent sequencer patterns, typical Loreau melodies and nostalgic
moods! Give it a try!

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