REALTIME - Magnificent Imaginations (2018 Remaster)

REALTIME - Magnificent Imaginations (2018 Remaster)

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SynGate CD-R RT05 Remaster 2018

veröffentlicht 2015 / 2018

Das Album wurde 2018 remastered, einerseits, um nun auch einen 24Bit Download über Bandcamp zu ermöglichen und andererseits auch der Disk mehr Dynamik und Klangtiefe zu geben.

Text von 2015:

REALTIME offers once more an album full of melodic and relaxing landscapes in their unique style of rythmic sequences and floating synthesizers. Six tracks appearing from one mould, a perfect album for a long ride or to sit back and chill.

Thomas Bock: Synths, programming and keys 
All tracks composed, played, arranged and mastered by Thomas Bock at REALTIME Studios Königswinter Bonn (Germany) 

Instruments: Waldorf Blofeld (the one and only), Korg Karma and Rob Papen´s Albino 3 Plug In 

Cover photos by Carsten Weise ( 

Cover designed by Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff 

bandcamp_130x27_blue 24-Bit Download via Bandcamp

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