REALTIME - Magnificent Imaginations

REALTIME - Magnificent Imaginations

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SynGate CD-R RT05

REALTIME offers once more an album full of melodic and relaxing landscapes in their unique style of rythmic sequences and floating synthesizers. Six tracks appearing from one mould, a perfect album for a long ride or to sit back and chill.
releases 12 June 2015 

Thomas Bock: Synths, programming and keys 
All tracks composed, played, arranged and mastered by Thomas Bock at REALTIME Studios Königswinter Bonn (Germany) 

Instruments: Waldorf Blofeld (the one and only), Korg Karma and Rob Papen´s Albino 3 Plug In 

Cover photos by Carsten Weise ( 

Cover designed by Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff 


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